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Stine Hoff Kunstglass is a member of the Économusée Northern Europe, which was

established in April 2008. In addition to Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Ireland and Northern Ireland are part of the organisation. Stine Hoff Kunstglass Économusée was opened in December 2011.

Today there are 10 Norwegian Èconomusèe. In addition to Stine Hoff Kunstglass there are:

  • Oselvarverkstaden (Os municipality, Hordaland)
  • Fjordtønna (Tysse in Samnanger municipality, Hordaland)
  • Aurlandskoen (Aurland, Sogn)
  • Treskjerartunet (Myrkdalen in Voss municipality, Hordaland)
  • Wood and barrels DA (Indre Samnøy in Fusa municipality, Hordaland)
  • Syse Gard (Ulvik in Hardanger, Hordaland)
  • Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk AS (Hjelmås in Lindås municipality, Hordaland)
  • Ledaal Teppeveveri (Stavanger, Rogaland)
  • Ullform (Stavanger, Rogaland)

The Économusée model is a solidly proven Canadian concept originating in quebec province. The purpose is to take care of, develop and showcase traditional crafts and their knowledge. Since its inception in 1992, more than 50 centers have been established in the provinces of Quebec and Atlantic. The companies that have integrated the concept can demonstrate good economic, tourism and cultural outcomes. In this way, a foundation is created to carry on the tradition of craftsmanship.

An Économusée is not a museum in the usual sense, but a levande craft business where, in addition to the production and sale of traditional craft products, a tourism experience is facilitated by making the craftsmanship traditions and historical context visible. The business will have an additional arena for the sale of the product directly to the buyer, and a more solid basis for the continuation of the craftsmanship tradition and the knowledge of it.

Économusée characterizes a business such as:

Uses a traditional technique or knowledge in its production
Have a sincere desire to open the doors to the public, to showcase the craft and knowledge of this, and allow the public to meet those who perform the craft
Has a building that is facilitated for the display and dissemination of the handicraft tradition
Fully bases the business on the sale of its products

For more information about Économusée see:

www.economusee.no or www.economusees.com